Lost or found something? Witnessed a crime or saw something suspicious?  
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At crowdfynd we’re turning...


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Along the Way, We Will...

- Reward Those Who Help Reunite People
  with Their Properties
- Change the Way People Find Things
  They’ve Lost
- Encourage Good Deeds Across the World

We are bringing Social and Mobile Power to the deeply local challenge of lost & found.

How to Use crowdfynd?

Browse listings of Lost & Found items or Suspicious activities around YOU by searching or clicking anywhere on the map.

Use keywords and other filter options to narrow your search.

Click on a post to view details, share with others, add comments or connect directly with the person who posted.

Post a Lost or Found item, Report a Crime or a Suspicious Activity.

Add location simply by clicking anywhere on the map or by searching an address.

Choose the category that best describes your post.

Write a description, time and date your post, add a photo and offer a reward (both optional) then click submit and your post is LIVE!

Click on the Places tab to view a list of all nearby businesses, organizations or events.

Choose any of the Places to view a real-time list of all lost and found, crime or suspicious activity reports.

Communicate directly with the Owner or Event Manager of that Place through crowdfynd to claim an item or get more info on their posts.

...to browse LIVE listings around YOU!

Who partners with crowdfynd?

Animal Shelters


Public Transportation

Event Venues


... and many others


We empower your business with a highly social, mobile and conversational platform. Your Lost & Found inventory is posted in a matter of minutes.


Your customers can easily search for their belongings by location, description and even view photos, creating a positive customer experience and making you their hero for getting them their stuff back.


All posts and claims are stored in the "Cloud," which gives 24/7/365 access to listings. A happy customer is a repeat customer (who share their experience on social media with others)!

crowdfynd Works for Businesses!


This screen shows a list of organizations shorted by distance reporting properties found in their permises

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