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How to Use crowdfind?

Browse listings of Lost & Found items near you by searching or clicking anywhere on the map.

Use keywords and other filter options to narrow your search. You can even filter posts by location using our “Places” tab.

Click on a post to view details, add comments, share with others or to connect directly with the person or place that created the post.

Create a new post if you have Lost or Found something by clicking the “Post it Here” button.

Add a location to your post by clicking anywhere on the map or by searching for an address. You can also choose a relevant category so that others can easily sort for and find your post.

Include important details (such as a date, a photo and a description) in your post, then click “Submit” and your post will be live across our platform.

Click on the “Places” tab to view a list of all nearby organizations or event venues.

Select any of the Places to view a real-time inventory of all Lost & Found posts at their location.

If the Place is a partner of crowdynd, you can view the company’s virtual Lost & Found by clicking the “View Profile” button. Within the Virtual Lost & Found, you can communicate directly with staff members for each location to help you find your item more easily. browse LIVE listings around YOU!

crowdfind Works for Businesses!


Use crowdfind to create a Virtual Lost & Found that allows your customers to easily find their missing items. In addition, our Enterprise platform gives your employees the tools needed to efficiently manage your whole Lost & Found process.


Your customers can easily search for their belongings using your custom virtual Lost & Found bin. They can view photos, descriptions and submit claims to your staff.


All posts are available to your customers 24x7 online. As losing an item can be a difficult experience, offering your customers a trusted resource during a stressful time can show that you truly care for their needs.


This screen shows a list of organizations shorted by distance reporting properties found in their permises

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